Click on the titles for samples of books written, but not yet published.  These books are ready to go, some of them with all illustrations available.  If you have an interest in reading more, or publishing, contact the author.

TIME DIAL   A science fiction novel for younger readers that involves scuba diving, what can happen when you put off decisions just to have fun, and a final choice by the hero that may destroy him and two friends.   

DANIK!     David Zaid (David Ben Kalma as a youth in Poland on his way to a death camp) lived in a hole in the ground during the terrifying Nazi invasion of his homeland. He survived to eventually become a hero in the Israeli army, and to finally move to freedom in the United States.

HOW TO KILL A HURRICANE   Hurricanes are one of nature's most destructive storms. Here we learn how they begin, the terrible damage they do, and maybe how to kill them. Stunning illustrations. 

PROJECT NEW WORLD      An adult science fiction novel about an amazing twenty- five year journey to a far planet, and the daring crews of the three ships making the voyage.  We are most interested in the loving hero and heroine who, unfortunately and at the last minute before launch, must make the journey on two separate vessels.

THE LOST DUTCHMAN     A non fiction book based on a hand drawn map from an old-timer showing the actual location of the famous gold mine, and we learn it is a cache, not a mine. The map will be one of the illustrations.

 A HISTORY OF AUTO RACING     An exciting non fiction book for young readers covering the complete history of auto racing. Many exclusive photos by the author, who has covered the sport for more than forty years.

A CAPITAL OFFENSE    An adult novel with a political and an Indy 500 backgrond, with terrorism as the main theme. It shows how the four hundred thousand fans attending the  "Greatest Spectacle in Racing," could be incinerated, and how they are saved by the hero.