One of  my specialties is writing, and even self-publishing if that is the best course of action, biographies of interesting people. This is not inexpensive, but will result in as many hard cover, jacketed books as you wish, and can include as many paperbacks as you wish, to distribute as you please. An excellent example of this is my book "Combat, He Wrote," the life story of Lt. Col. Charles S. Hudson, the most decorated bomardier in the the second World War. This book is now being made into a motion picture. Send me a check for twenty bucks and I'll send you a copy just to give you an idea. Click on the "contact" tab for my address.

          This is, of course, an excellent way to leave a legacy for others after you are gone.

          Soon there will be a list of books by the author and others, generally first editions, available for sale. Included will be a new copy of  "The Racing       Bugs" by the author and race driver Ron Grable, often seen for sale for      several hundred dollars (in first edition), and a signed edition of  "Yankee Champion" by Phil Hill (make an offer). On the list will be "500 Miles to Go" by Al Bloemker, and "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines" by Wilbur Shaw.

         Meanwhile, here is a list of Indianapolis 500 pit credential badges available to collectors of this type of memorabilia. These badges were used once, are in excellent condition, and would generally be sold as a package. Most are silver, some are bronze.

         Most, if not all, come with a backup card with the number "99" or the number "9" or the number "10." The serial number of each badge is shown on the following list.


Silver   #               Bronze   #

1994   5960              1970   5434
1993   8112              1967   5175
1992   5990              1965   5225
1991   4312              1964   5418
1990   5254              1963   3701
1989   4098              1962   4118
1988   7029              1960   4035
1987   713
1986   757
1985   2948
1984   3136
1983   2994
1982   1252
1981   1281
1980   1251
1979   3447
1978   5060
1977   3645
1976   3725
1975   1322
1974   1204
1973   1213
1972   2310
1971   3421
1968   1203

Make me an offer!