Your Biography

I have written several biographies of living people, then guided them through the self-publishing process. These books include one of my most recent, COMBAT, HE WROTE, a biography of Lt. Col. Charles S. Hudson, the most decorated bombardier in the Second World War. This book is currently being made into a motion picture, and Col. Hudson sells autographed copies of the book, at a substantial profit, at book stores, airshows, service clubs and other military and civilian meetings.

Another such book is MURDER ON WOODLYN LANE, the story of the life, death, and the trial of the murderer, of famed race car driver and promoter Mickey Thompson and his beautiful wife, Trudy. This book was co-authored with me by Mickey's sister, well known victim's rights advocate Collene Campbell, who paid for it. It will be published soon, and a motion picture deal is in the works.

Yet another is DANIK! The Story of a Holocaust Survivor. This is the amazing true life story of David Zaid, paid for by his sons as a tribute to his experiences as a holocaust survivor in Poland, a hero in the Israeli Army, and later a successful businessman in the United States.

While not inexpensive, this is one way to get your life story down in everlasting book form for family and friends, and for sale if you wish, and written by an accomplished author. It will carry your byline, it will be illustrated with your photographs, it will say what you want it to say (not what some New York editor thinks it should say), and it can be available in both hard cover and soft cover, with the price on the dust jacket set by you.

You write the checks and be available for extensive interviews, then approval editing, and I'll guide you through the whole thing. I'll travel to you. At least we can talk about it and then decide if we feel such a book is a good idea, and if you want to invest in it. And if I have the time.

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